Day 5 – 30 Days Wild…

Safely Home…




After a busy day I took a late evening stroll through the park. It was so peaceful, hardly any people were around and just the sound of bird song could be heard coming from the trees over head. As I knelt down by the pond to photograph the ducks I had a sudden awareness that I was being watched.

As I looked up from my camera I was surprised to find I was not alone at the waters edge…I was surrounded by pigeons! I assume as I knelt down they spotted me and thought I was there to feed them!!

I spent a few minutes watching the ducks preen themselves in the low evening sun and then walked around the pond. I was alerted to the sound of loud moor hen calls and at that moment I spotted a family of 6 chicks being herded back to their nest by the parents. One of the parents was calling loudly and circling the chicks ensuring that they were all following until one by one they were all safely back ‘home’…



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