Day 8 – 30 Days Wild…







I planted this rose 11 months ago and it was chosen for its beautiful two tone colouration and name. This week saw the first bud of the year open and I waited until it had fully emerged before documenting it in all its glory.

The name of this rose is very symbolic of my ongoing desire for inner peace and was very much in the forefront of my mind when choosing from the rows and rows of different roses at the garden centre – honestly I never knew there were so many!!

❤ ❤ ❤

However when I bought it I never really thought about its history until today…

After a quick search on the internet I found out that the ‘Peace’ rose was invented by French rose breeder Francis Meilland in 1935 but was at the time unnamed. Five years later when Hitler invaded France, three parcels of bud wood were sent out of France and one was smuggled into America. In America their agent planted the rose and trialed it in different climates across the United States and it soon became very popular.

The launch date for the rose was set for 29 April 1945 in California. Coincidentally on the same day that two doves were released in America to symbolise the naming of the rose, Berlin fell and a truce was declared. In naming the rose the following statement was read: “We are persuaded that this greatest new rose of our time should be named for the world’s greatest desire: ‘PEACE’.”

The official name is Rosa Peace (‘Madame A. Meilland’) after Francis Meillands mother Claudia.

(Information sourced from although info can be found via a number of sources)


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