Day 10 – 30 Days Wild

Bathing in the afternoon sun…




One of my favourite things to do is to watch the birds out of the kitchen window going about their day. I regularly see the sparrows drinking from the bowl and I have had my suspicions that they have been using it as a bath as it is often nearly empty at the end of the day, but today was the first time I have actually witnessed it!

I made this water station/ bird bath last year after an internet search for ‘home-made’ bird baths. It was really simple to make and only required 2 terracotta plant pots a large bolt, two washers and an old pasta bowl. To make the stand I inverted the pots and bolted them together. I placed a 1.5 inch tall rock inside the bowl so that there is a ‘stepping stone’ for wildlife, but as you can see it is just the right depth to support a sparrow bath!

When I moved here there wasn’t much going on in the garden and I had never had a wildlife garden before so I knew I wanted to attract birds and bugs in! Reading up about creating this space I discovered how important it is to provide a drinking area for birds whenever you are providing food for them…this water station is used frequently between feeds and I have since provided the wood pigeons with their own bowl on the ground, as they were forever attempting to use this plant pot one and upturning it in the process!!

I get a lot of my garden bowls and plates from charity shops so reclaiming old and giving it a new purpose…so satisfying!

❤ ❤ ❤


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