Day 21 – 30 Days Wild…

Bees and Borage…


I was introduced to borage for the first time last year when I decided to grow a wild flower patch and used a wild seed sprinkle box from the garden centre…it was exciting waiting to see what would grow. This year borage has returned…everywhere haha!

I love the word ‘Borage’ and always refer to the plant as Borage in the same way that you would refer to a person by name, rather than just a plant. It gives it character…and with it self-seeding its way back into our garden…filling all the gaps in the patio (promptly removed!!) as well as providing us with this beast of a plant it packs quite an attitude!

The star-shaped blue five petaled flowers provide the garden with colour and attracts a lot of bees!! I’ve been getting a closer look at the bees today and think I have identified this one correctly as a Buff-Tailed Bumblebee (Bombus Terrestris). It’s crazy how many different species of Bee we have in the UK and I am pleased we are able to offer a supermarket of pollinator plants for them in our wild patch!

Just watching this guy going about his work, I never really noticed how their bodies change shape before…

❤ ❤ ❤



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