Day 24 – 30 Days Wild…

A snapshot of my semi-wild garden…


I woke up today to torrential rain – a huge contrast to the scorching hot days we have been experiencing over the past week. I had already planned for a day at home, but had intended to spend it in the garden.

Fortunately I have been out photographing the garden all week so I decided to base today’s act of wildness sharing a snapshot of my little sanctuary!

In one corner of the garden I have dedicated an area to wild flowers, all of which self seeded from last year. I planted out some bulbs among them this year so have gladioli and liatris growing through the love in the mist, borage and candy tuft along with a potted Yucca.

One thing I have loved is being creative with my small garden, utilising as many different containers and pots as I can…my favourite has definitely been the caged violas – I love to see their tiny faces peeking through the bars!

This year my focus has been on learning how to grow fruit and veg in containers and so far I have successfully grown strawberries in a hanging basket and raspberries, french beans and courgettes in containers…

In addition to the usual bumblebees and birds this week I have also noted a honey bee taking shelter on the lily leaves and a hover fly drinking nectar from a wildflower growing in between the patio slabs…

❤ ❤ ❤


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