Day 25 – 30 Days Wild…

Love in the mist…

I personally find there is nothing to hate and everything to love about this plant which is why I have chosen to photograph and write about it for my random act of wildness today.

When this plant was introduced to my garden from a pack of wild flower seeds I was amazed at how diverse a plant could truly be. I was convinced that the flowers were on plant stems rooted individually. However on closer inspection they were all flowering from the same plant, all these beautiful colours, tones and shapes all on one plant. Even the flowers that appear to be identical, on closer inspection have different center pieces!!

I’m so pleased this plant self-seeded, it is a very welcome addition to our garden providing months of colour and a mass of fine, feathery green foliage filling the gaps between plants. After the flowers have dropped an intriguing seed pod is left behind which are just as lovely dried.


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