Urban Madness…

Back to the reality of our concrete and often colourless world where animal kingdoms are dominated and controlled by humans.

Chasing Shadows I © Lisa Cullingworth, 2012


Chasing Shadows I, (2012)

  1. My Peace
  2. Butterfly Woods
  3. Cemetery in the Woods
  4. Industrial Nature
  5. Dream Passage
  6. Urban Madness

This series was created in 2012 in response to a project titled ‘Black and white with colour’ which came at a time where I was embarking on a new phase in my life. I wanted to channel this through self-portraiture and used the opportunity to start exploring mixed media processes.

Craving my own space to get clarity on my identity, I used locations, objects and animals that were of personal significance on my journey. Creating images that symbolised where I needed to be in life to find myself once more.

The layered images deliberately have a cut and paste collage effect, very much reflecting my fragile state of mind and the reality of life getting in the way of hopes, dreams and desires.



A Refection of Your Heart