Day 15 – 30 Days Wild…

Sun Prints… 


I finally got round to trying out my sun print paper today which is essentially prepared cyanotype print paper. In the same way as traditional Photograms are made, objects are placed on light sensitive photographic paper and exposed to light.

I was first introduced to this process in 2011 and had a go using some homemade hand painted paper, but when I saw everyone using the sun print craft paper I just had to buy some!

Cyanotypes were invented by Sir John Herschel in 1841 and originally used to create copies of architectural drawings known as ‘blueprints’. This process is much simpler than that of silver print black and white photography and gives a cyan blue print using a sensitising solution of Ammonium Ferric Citrate and Potassium Ferricyanide. When exposed to light (natural or artificial ultraviolet) these iron salts reduce down to their ferrous state that produces a high contrast blue image when oxidised. Oxidation is sped up by immersing it in running water that washes away the unused iron salts that ‘fixes’ to create a lasting image.

In the same way that I made my photograms at the weekend I sandwiched the flowers and leaves I collected between the paper and glass only this time I used the sun in the garden to expose the image. It is a lot of fun and so, so simple!

I love traditional photography, I am sure I am living in the wrong era!!!

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Josh Doyle – Borderline London 23-03-2013

Layered analogue images of Musician Josh Doyle with lyrics photographed at the Borderline London 23-03-2013: