Day 22 – 30 Days Wild…

Bee Drinking Station…



Since I first learned about 30 Days Wild and joined the ’30 Days Wild’ Facebook group back in April I have learnt so much from the other 11,000 members and am discovering new ways to adapt my garden to make it more wildlife friendly!

So for today’s random act of wildness I was inspired to make this watering station for bees and it was so simple to make! I had the dish laying around the garden and a bag of pebbles that were saved from balloon weights at a party. I added some water and a few flowers to draw the bees attention to the dish.

It is important to provide bees with a source of water where they can safely drink without drowning and the peddles provide stepping stones for them to rest without risk. Now I am just hoping to catch a glimpse of the bees using it!!

❤ ❤ ❤


Day 10 – 30 Days Wild

Bathing in the afternoon sun…




One of my favourite things to do is to watch the birds out of the kitchen window going about their day. I regularly see the sparrows drinking from the bowl and I have had my suspicions that they have been using it as a bath as it is often nearly empty at the end of the day, but today was the first time I have actually witnessed it!

I made this water station/ bird bath last year after an internet search for ‘home-made’ bird baths. It was really simple to make and only required 2 terracotta plant pots a large bolt, two washers and an old pasta bowl. To make the stand I inverted the pots and bolted them together. I placed a 1.5 inch tall rock inside the bowl so that there is a ‘stepping stone’ for wildlife, but as you can see it is just the right depth to support a sparrow bath!

When I moved here there wasn’t much going on in the garden and I had never had a wildlife garden before so I knew I wanted to attract birds and bugs in! Reading up about creating this space I discovered how important it is to provide a drinking area for birds whenever you are providing food for them…this water station is used frequently between feeds and I have since provided the wood pigeons with their own bowl on the ground, as they were forever attempting to use this plant pot one and upturning it in the process!!

I get a lot of my garden bowls and plates from charity shops so reclaiming old and giving it a new purpose…so satisfying!

❤ ❤ ❤


Day 7 – 30 Days Wild…

Dancing Trees…





There is something very relaxing about watching trees swaying around in the wind. I found myself transfixed by the movement the trees were making out of the window at work today, totally getting lost inside their beauty.

I could easily have watched it for hours ❤ ❤ ❤


Day 4 – 30 Days Wild…

A walk in the woods…

Walking through the woods this evening with my partner we spotted some foxes trotting along a pathway before slipping quietly into the undergrowth. This one seemed a lot less shy and after every few steps it stopped to watch us for a while before continuing on its journey.

We felt quite privileged to be sharing this precious moment with such a beautiful animal in this peaceful setting. It was really uplifting for the mind!!


Day 3 – 30 Days Wild…





Ever since I worked for a wildlife rescue centre in 2008 and had the privilege of hand rearing a variety of birds I have held a soft spot for the Wood Pigeon. Not the most attractive baby birds, the young woody is pretty much a ball of air with a beak and legs!

Since I started feeding the sparrows in my garden last summer we have attracted a rather handsome Woody. In January he introduced a female to his stomping ground and the two have been frequenting the garden ever since. I have been watching them from the safety of the kitchen window as they are quite timid and fly off at the slightest movement, but yesterday I made progress and was able to walk out quietly and sit and watch him. Today I sat out in the garden with my camera on the off chance of getting a few photos and this is the result!! Mr Woody happily hopped up on top of the containers and posed for a few photos before scoffing a load of seed from the table!

❤ ❤ ❤




Kindred Spirit…

‘My inner peace is set free by my kindred spirit.’

The cemetery is a place I frequent to find sanctuary and stillness away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. This cemetery is unfamiliar to me and represents being at peace somewhere new while my kindred spirit watches over me from the other side. The cat, a stranger to me, symbolises new people in my life.

Chasing Shadows II © Lisa Cullingworth, 2014

Mixed media, digital image.